Northeastern Outreach Pilot (2021)

In Spring 2021, we partnered with the Center for STEM Education at Northeastern University to run a six-week outrach program for local high school students. Due to constraints from COVID, we operated virtually; each student received their own robotic arm and we provided weekly lectures and office hours over video call. Projects included: sequencing arm movements, face tracking with visual servoing, and stacking cubes. Plans for future programs are in the works.


This project is built on hardware that is more accessible. The entire cost of the kit is about $250, and items can be ordered conveniently on Amazon. Using the robot and camera together requires a computer with two USB type-A ports, or the necessary adapters.

Description Price
Lewansoul xArm Robotic Arm $200
ELP Megapixel 720p USB Camera 100 deg lens $30
Objects to pick up free


We have designed a Python package to provide advanced robotic manipulation capabilities. To improve accessibility, the package is designed to work on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. Inverse kinematics and collision detection are performed using PyBullet, which conveniently provides a rendering of the simulated arm for users who want to explore the software before purchasing hardware.

The link to download the package will be available soon.


David Klee

klee (dot) d (at) northeastern (dot) edu